Saturday, 28 June 2014


All of this waiting for council has proved to be a bonus for the current home. The inspiration and research I have been accumulating for the new house needs an outlet during this long drawn out process so I have made a few changes around the current place.


Living Room, couch from Freedom, just seen cow hide
rug on the floor from Ikea
Dining Room, the fabric canvases
were originally one piece above the bed
Hallway, most of the light that comes
into the house comes through the front
door. Crazy I know.

Bedroom, this is an almost before,
originally there was a fabric wall hanging
above the bed which has since been cut up
and stretched over canvas in the dining room 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Patience is a virtue, Patience is a virtue,

Patience is a Virtue
They do say that patience is a virtue but my patience is being severely tested by Liverpool council at the moment. Apparently they have a back log, apparently they are understaffed, apparently they are doing all they can.
Our application has been in council for 6 weeks now. Thats six, count that, 1,2,3,4,5,6  whole weeks and has yet to allocated for assessment. We were told that it should take six weeks to process, total. So it should have been processed by now, we should be moving on to the next stage, but no, we are still waiting.
So I am becoming virtuous (well close enough) and I am waiting, patiently. Trying to distract myself (I'll show you next time, promise) and show restraint.

Or Alternately,

AA xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

Tried and tested, Hard to kill houseplants, Part 2

Last time we looked at how to choose house plants this time we will look at some tips and tricks on how to keep them once you have them.

What to look for when buying them and what to do with them once you have brought them home.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tried and tested, hard to kill House Plants, Part 1

With all my focus at present on houses and interior design it has also made me realise what has been missing from my home at the currently.
When I was growing up there was always plants in the house, my mother had a very green thumb, so there were plants everywhere inside and a gorgeous garden outside.
Since we have moved around so much I haven't had plants in the house are they are really difficult to move. Looking at all the design blogs I have realised how much I have missed them and how they really make a house a home.

Taylor Tomasi-Hill NYC Apartment

But unfortunately as I have discovered  I haven't inherited my mother green thumb so I have had to put in a lot of research and trial and error to try and keep plants alive in my home. As I have discovered this is made up if two parts, choosing the right plants in the first place and then keeping them alive…..